How to Turn Your Network into a
Chain of Lasting Connections

In today’s economy, the typical ways of communicating and networking don’t serve the purpose of building strong, long-term connections that result a successful and fulfilling career. We need to build collaborative relationships that are memorable and influence others to aid in achieving our goals. What is the first step to connecting with the right person? It’s not simply passing along a business card or rattling on about yourself, it is listening to what to the other person has to say and offering support. Link Out is filled with strategies that can turn strangers into connections that can propel your career or business.

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How Companies Can Capture Today’s Hottest Market:
Women Business Owners and Executives

What do American Express, Microsoft, IBM, and IKEA know about marketing that you don’t? These leading-edge marketers have tapped into a skyrocketing market worth billions: women in business. In SELLsation! Leslie Grossman demonstrates a keen understanding of this largely untapped, sensational sector and creates a roadmap for marketers interested in reaching them.She has filled her book with profound insights and strategies honed over more than twenty years and five successful businesses, helping companies to market differently to businesswomen.