Link Out Book Endorsements


Allen Levine Founder and CEO at BizOxy
“In the Pittsburgh area I go to a lot of networking events. Many of my colleagues have told others that I am one of the best networkers that they know. Yes, I pass out a lot of cards and collect a lot too. Building a few good relationships is my goal. The last two weeks I have experimented with what I have learned from Link Out. Leslie’s book is an easy and quick read. Her tips and advice are spot on. She has helped me even more with my networking. Some of my connections even link out with me on Facebook and LinkedIn before I contact them. Thanks Leslie! Link Out is Short, Spot on and valuable for anyone who reads it. Just follow her advice. You will be amazed how easy it is to create success for others and yourself. I wish this book had been written 5 years ago! That is how much this book will help all who read it. Give it to anyone graduating High School and College. There should be a course on it in every school. Our country would be a better place. Then we should send it all around the world. I am all in with the power of Link Out!”
Edie Weiner
President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms
“We’re living in a time of fundamental change. There are no more certainties. It’s not our learned skills that will come to the rescue, but who we know and how they can help us use these. The most brilliant of us will not fare as well as the most deeply connected of us. Leslie has lived that reality several times in her adult life, and is generous enough to share that wisdom. Everyone should take notice, because she’s dead-on right!”
Jerry Colonna
Certified Professional Coach, formerly co-leader of Flatiron Partners, acknowledged as one of the best VCs by ‘Forbes ASAP’
“ ‘Link Out’ is ideal for folks learning to navigate social media and to find ways to not only network their way to a job but find their way in a new world.”
Cary Jehl Broussard
author, From Cinderella to CEO; international communications/brand management expert; founder of Wyndham Hotel & Resort’s ‘Women on Their Way’ program
“Leslie is the new Dale Carnegie. Her book teaches when you help others to succeed you will succeed right along with them in business and in life. It’s not only about influencing people, it’s about helping people be the best they can be. Leslie walks her talk. She has shown me that giving of yourself is the key to how and why we gain the opportunity to do what we love. My life has been enriched by knowing Leslie and to borrow a phrase she writes about – I count her as part of my entourage. Leslie Grossman’s gift to all who read her book is that your life will be changed by linking out. Being brave enough to ask for help when you need it, and envision and create your success by doing and supporting others.”
Carol Jenkins
Founding President, The Women’s Media Center, former longtime WNBC-TV anchor
“Over several years I watched in amazement as Leslie Grossman cast her magical spell on audiences. Through her expertise and leadership, thousands of women across this country, me among them, came to believe in our possibilities. Now she has delivered the perfect book for everyone interested in succeeding, capturing this new environment we’re in precisely: linking out is the right model for the times and I’m so glad she’s in my entourage!”
Betsy Myers
Author, Take the Lead; Founding Director, Center for Women and Business, Bentley University: former, senior advisor on women, Clinton White House
“Leadership is about your relationship with others. In her beautifully written book, Grossman reminds us, that email, texts and social media are not enough. Through face-to- face interactions, Link Out provides you with a strategy to develop your network into meaningful and lasting connections that then become your entourage. These key relationships that will serve as guideposts across your life — both personally and professionally. A perfect resource for each of us no matter the stage in life or career.”
Glow Book Nook Editorial Team
“Everyone needs an entourage. But the truth is no one teaches us how to create the relationships — the very thing we need to make connections to other people in order to lead fulfilling lives, personally and professionally. In LINK OUT, Leslie Grossman gives us the tools we need to create the basis for the support, advice, and connection necessary to build the posse we must have in order to progress through life successfully. Here is the ultimate guide to networking, whether you are looking for customers, a better job, or advice. The master plan involves getting out, going out, being out, and connecting face-to-face with other people in the real world. It is a step by step process that will get you out of your comfort zone and into the world of meaningful interpersonal connections. If you are committed to your own success, whether you want to launch, reboot, or transition your career or business, this book will get you there.”
Marilyn Johnson
former VP of Market Development, IBM Corporation
“Leslie has captured in under 200 pages, what most of us hope to learn in a lifetime. This book is a self-paced career coach, motivational speaker, guidance counselor, teacher and inspirational tutor, written in a conversational style — with tactics and techniques that will enhance the reader’s ability to establish an entourage of value.”
Lori Sokol
Ph.D., Work-Life Consultant and Publisher, WorkLife Matters
“It’s not your father’s workplace anymore! Leslie Grossman reinvents the path to career success by tapping into the importance of building relationships –which she sees as ‘key’ to developing trusted connections in business. While recent advancements in technology have made communication quicker, it has also lessened its impact. Grossman reinstates the significance of face-to-face networking, making the complex simple by teaching us how to more effectively employ the basic tools of speaking and listening. A must-read for anyone seeking to enhance and enrich their personal and professional relationships!”
Dr. Stacey Radin
Founder/CEO, Unleashed: Transforming Girls into Leaders
“As a leadership consultant and psychologist, I often see the value of relationships minimized and that’s a huge mistake… Leslie’s shift from “networking” to building and nurturing a network based on authentic relationships is a critical mindset for our current world-no matter what industry and across many contexts of life!”
Judi Brownell
Professor and Dean of Students, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
“Once I started reading Link Out, I couldn’t put it down. The book is a combination of personal experiences, insights, compelling stories and sound advice—mixed with a large dose of passion. I wanted to immediately share the ideas with as many young men and women as possible. The author presents a creative, integrated, powerful approach to becoming ‘the leader of your life’ and, with key concepts like ‘paying it forward,’ provides a framework that not only brings tremendous value to the reader, but also ‘links out’ to benefit family, friends, and the larger community. Anyone can ‘link out’; after you read this book, just imagine what it would be like if everyone did.”
Anthony M. Smith
Founding Partner, VSA Consulting Group, master of breakthrough transformational coaching
“Leslie Grossman’s book Link Out is a vivid demonstration of her prowess, in building communities, empowering leaders and facilitating key relationships which is on target for all of us. Leslie sees and lives as an entrepreneur, as a leader, and as co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange, that the connection between people is key. Her notion of “entourage”, the circle of people committed to your commitments, makes ‘Link Out’ a must read and is critical to fulfilling career and life success.”