LIA Women's Collaborative

Ivy Algazy,
Women’s Collaborative,
Long Island Association
“Leslie Grossman’s presentation, Career Intelligence for Women: How to Break an Ineffective Paradigm and Become the Leader of Your Life captured the crowd. The feedback has been exceptional and she has set an exciting energized outlook for the future of our Women’s Collaborative. You could see how absorbed participants were, hanging on her every word. Every person in that room found this meaningful and inspiring, especially her “Call To Action” interactive exercise, encouraging them to reconnect with their “neighbor” in two weeks to hold each other accountable. This was genius, it made the women all leave with a new contact to build an entourage, which was one of her seven points, and feel ownership to follow through. I highly recommend this presentation!”

Janet Salazar

Moxie Exchange
“Leslie is the real deal. She absolutely knocked it out of the park.The ideas she shared sparked new thinking and were practical and actionable. Leslie’s unique blend of business, leadership and networking acumen really packs a punch in the relevance department- her message speaks to everyone. Her style is warm, funny and confident, which allowed participants to really engage with her and her content. I highly recommend bringing Leslie in to your event or organization!”
Luz Gonzalez
Human Resources,
United Nations Population Fund
“You gave the participants the opportunity to reflect about the importance of having a personal vision and finding the way to communicate and connect with other people in a more meaningful way. Many of the participants from the field and headquarters sent me very positive messages about the session and several noted how they appreciated learning how to listen in a new way. Thank you for this great contribution to our team at UNFPA!”

Janet Salazar

Janet C. Salazar
CEO and Founder, IMPACT
Leadership 21 Summit
“Leslie Grossman was simply phenomenal and powerful as a speaker at the IMPACT Leadership 21 Inaugural Summit. Her energy and wisdom spoke highly of her genuine passion to connect with every person at the conference — and have inspired them to build their own “personal entourage”. Leslie clearly embodies IMPACT Leadership — innovative, multicultural, passionate, attuned, collaborative and tenacious — leadership qualities that have made her succeed in pursuing her passion and commitment to work towards women’s advancement. Her legacy of helping others make life-long connections is a testimony to her life’s calling as a “Master Connector”

Sharon Hadary

Sharon Hadary
adjunct professor, University of Maryland -University College and former executive director, Center for Women’s Business Research
“The feedback from the students attending Leslie’s Circles of Influence presentation at my leadership class was consistent: ‘Leslie Grossman opened up my eyes to a whole new world of connections’. The students found the presentation both practical and inspiring. Actually — Leslie made me think differently about my connections as well!”

Joy Sakurai

M. Sakurai
Program Development Officer, Public Affairs Section, Embassy of the United States of America in Japan
“Grossman’s presentation inspired our key Japanese audiences, particularly our young female audiences, with excellent practical advice in starting up a new business. Her advice and tips were very clear, insightful, and easy to understand.”

Marnie Omanoff

Marnie Omanoff
Director, Marketing & Branding, American Express
“I attended the Career Boot Camp and was so inspired by Leslie Grossman’s “ creating a “Circle of Influence” presentation.Her passion for empowering people while creating more business leaders is contagious. Leslie’s approach is super motivating, yet practical and really works. Her sound advice has created a new circle for me, and a profound universe for both my personal and professional life.”

Aaron Bernstein

Aaron Bernstein
former head of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Microsoft Corporation
“I have known Leslie for 10 years and I am continually impressed with the way she thinks and the fact that she creatively evaluates all situations without boundaries.”

Lisa Stollman

Lisa Stollman
Nutritionist in Private Practice, Writer, Speaker
“Thank you so much for the terrific workshop on Monday evening. It was great! Just what I needed at the beginning of a New Year!! You really inspired me to keep building my entourage.”

Lauren Barnes

Lauren Barnes
Chair, Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
Executive Committee, American Association for Justice
“Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom… Everyone raved about your presentation and I heard talk about “entourages” and “vision” for the rest of the conference. I really appreciated your willingness to come be a part of this leadership summit and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Rebecca Salk

Rebecca Salk
Career Development Counselor, NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development
“Leslie Grossman’s “Entourage” presentation was wonderful for our graduate students and alumni. She inspired our students to approach their job search, as well as their career development, in a new and creative way. Leslie provided concrete ways for our students to put her ideas into action and presented the information in an enthusiastic and dynamic way. Our students walked away with a renewed sense of confidence. Leslie enforced the importance of making connections while not rehashing the old “networking” speech. We look forward to working with Leslie in the future!”

Judi Brownell

Judi Brownell
Professor and Dean of Students, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
“My students are still talking about Leslie Grossman’s presentation and the impact it has had on the way they think about their personal and professional development. Her engaging and inspirational style made it easy to understand and recognize the value of her ideas… . Her focus on building relationships and the concept of establishing an entourage was particularly powerful. Following her visit both men and women in the class made comments like, “Leslie Grossman’s ideas have really changed the way I think about networking,” and, “I feel so much more confident and prepared after hearing her ideas. I’m anxious to begin establishing my personal entourage and taking control of my future!” Through both her speaking engagements and her many publications, Leslie Grossman is influencing how we think about personal effectiveness and leadership. She is providing professionals with the concepts and practical techniques they need to be successful in the decades ahead.”
Kate Begley
Small Group General Manager, Aetna
“Your presentation was the perfect combination of meaningful content and powerful delivery! On top of all the positive feedback at the meeting, I am already getting positive emails about the event asking to be included in future events.”

Cary Broussard

Cary J. Broussard
President, Broussard Global Communications, former Sr. VP Marketing and Diversity, Wyndham Hotels, creator of groundbreaking WOMEN ON THEIR WAY program, and author, “From Cinderella to CEO”.
“Leslie Grossman provides a set of smart business strategies that will yield tangible, measurable benefits… learn, apply, triumph…”

Candace Moody

Candace Moody
Chair, Advisory Board, Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, Women of Influence Awards, JAX Chamber
“We heard many comments about how energized people felt after Leslie’s presentation…Leslie delivers.”


Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are among the most popular social media sites. What’s your favorite? How much time do you spend connecting on them daily? Many people say they spend an hour each day. Some tell me 2-3 hours. A few say they spend all day on their favorite social media! Consider the real value it brings to your life, your career or your business. What other things could we be doing if we weren’t spending so much time online? That’s why I am really excited about the National Day of Unplugging – March 8 – 9. Let’s unplug together!!!!

I always have to laugh upon hearing the typical response I get when I recommend substituting some of our online time for face-to-face conversations. Do you remember what a conversation is? It’s something we used to do more — talking instead of texting. To build our businesses and our careers, meaningful conversations really do make a difference. To have real friendships (not just Facebook friends) and family relationships, we need to talk on the phone or SKYPE, meet face-to-face in the coffee shop, on the couch or on the park bench.

People tell me, “I just don’t have the time.” Really? There’s plenty of time to spend on our devices, but not enough available for the human touch. No wonder our careers are stuck or our true friendships are dwindling or misunderstood, or our family doesn’t know us any more. Worse yet, we don’t seem to know how to have a real conversation where we feel close to each other, empathetic or sympathetic. Is that what being human is all about? It’s scary when even our pets feel lonely because we’re texting while we are taking them for a walk.

So join me in getting on board for the National Day of Unplugging March 8th – 9th – 24 hours of talking instead of texting, etc. Make a date, meet a friend, do something fun, laugh with your family. Lock down your devices. Focus on each other — alive and in living color. Experience life as it used to be in the ‘olden days’!!! Than take a pledge to have at least three real in-person conversations each week – one for work, one for friendship and one to reach your goals. And as Dr. Seuss says in “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”

–Leslie Grossman, www.lesliegrossmanleadership.com, author, LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network Into a Chain of Lasting Connections (Wiley)


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA): Building Your Entourage for Career Success
Women’s Leadership Exchange, Metlife Headquarters,
“Link Out for Success”
AXA Financial National Women’s Summit,
Afternoon Keynote: “Beyond Networking”
Metlife Women’s Sales Forum,
3-hour Deep Dive Workshop in Business Development
Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit
Speaker, Emcee and Moderator of Awards
The New York Times
“Thought Leaders in Business” Series
Yale Club, NYC
4th Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity Symposium, Tokyo American Club
”Connection Matters: How to Build Your Social Capital”
Tokyo, Japan
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
”Making Magnificent Connections”
Greenbelt, MD
MetLife Employee Benefits Sales Conferences
”The New Networking: How Anyone Can Know the Right People”
Los Angeles & Orlando
4 City Tour Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka ‘The Unique Business Models of American Women Entrepreneurs”
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Business Conference
LaGuardia Community College ‘Become the Leader of Your Life’
New York University Wasserman Career Center
”Networking 2012: How to Integrate Face to Face Networking with Social Media to Launch, Grow or Reinvent Your Career”
American Association for Justice 2012 Annual Convention, Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
”Building Longstanding Relationships as Part of a Leadership Strategy”
Rockland Business Women’s Network Luncheon
”Your Sales Fix – Sales Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs”
Nanuet, NY
Touro Graduate School of Business – Women’s Leadership Council
New York City
Impact Leadership 21 Summit
New York City
Capital Management Group (AXA), Women’s Valentine’s Lunch – Private Event
New York City
Touro College Graduate School of Business, Learning to Link Out to Build Success
New York City
Impact Leadership 21 Global Summit, The New York Times
New York City
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), Competition vs. Collaboration Webinar 1 pm ET
GOLD – Global Organization of Leadership and Diversity 5th Symposium – Intercontinental Hotel
Los Angeles, CA
Enterprising Women Summit – Office Depot, Boca Raton and Ritz Carlton
Ft. Lauderdale
New York University Wasserman Career Center,
“5 Rules for A Fearless Career” – 5:30 pm

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