Five Things Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Do for a Fulfilling Fall!

Five Things Entrepreneurs and Executives Can Do for a Fulfilling Fall!

August 18, 2014

Are you stuck in the dwindling lazy days of summer? Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and prepare to meet the roar of the impending fall season. Even if you are still have sand between your toes, here are five ideas to rev up your business and tune-up your career for success this year:

Identify Your Vision. Where do you want to take your business and career? What do you want the numbers to be? Identify the revenues you want to hit or the salary and bonus you want to be paid. In the role you are serving what are you doing? What are you achieving? What do you WANT it to be? Make sure it lights you up and excites you.

Engage People and Resources. To achieve your vision, you will need to inspire, motivate and engage people in your company, your life or your entourage to support you. Who would that be? How will you do that? List the 5 – 8 key people to help you achieve that vision. Think about how you can spark their interest in supporting you. Drawing a blank? Read books, research and sign up for webinars and workshops that will help you plan those action steps to achieve your vision.

State the Key Action Steps. What do you need to do to achieve your vision? Most likely you will need to change what you are presently doing. If you are leading a business or managing a department, how can you do it more effectively? If it’s a boost in your business or career or a promotion or new job you want, you need action steps as well. Talk to people. Run your ideas and action steps “up the flagpole”. Once you have those steps in writing on a plan, create a timetable to move them forward.

Shift into Drive. Now your vision, your team and resources, action steps and timeline  are at the ready. Prepare to shift gears and propel into action with velocity. Keep your vision in view at all times on signs on your desk, by your bed, on your mirror, wherever you will see it.  It will motivate you and help you stay on course. Follow the timeline, and make adjustments if you need to, but don’t ignore it or dismiss it.

Be Accountable. Accountability is critical if you are going to stay on track to reach your vision. Share your vision with your team, your colleagues or your boss. Get their buy-in and meet on a regular basis to check in on everyone’s progress. If you are a solo-entrepreneur or focused on your career growth, identify someone as your accountability partner – your significant other, friend or someone in your shoes. Being accountable can be the most challenging part of this process, but it is necessary to make your vision a reality.

Step on the gas pedal. Go out there and make 2014-15 the best year possible! You can do it! You have a full tank.  Follow these steps and  you will have plenty of gas to make your vision your destination. —Leslie Grossman, Vistage Chair, leadership coach, author of LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (Wiley). Subscribe to Leslie’s newsletter at, and learn more about Vistage at