It’s 2013: Be Inspired

It’s 2013: Be Inspired

January 3, 2013

Funny thing happened to me yesterday…I was inspired. What a great way to start off the new year, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s how it happened…

Cojourneo co-founder Kevin Friedman invited me to hear thought leader Seth Godin talk about his new book  The Icarus Deception in NYC, my base of operations.  We were greeted by a brass band, fun props and an amazing visual slide show —  Seth is an amazing presenter! —  to emphasize his main thesis:

“Art is who we are and what we do and what we need…it’s a journey…The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and your soul.” Seth believes that art is an attitude available to anyone who has a vision and the guts to do something about it.  He says that Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Martin Luther King were all artists.

Anyone who creates something unique which reflects their passion could be called an artist, though some in the creative arts might not agree.  Thinking of ourselves as artists is a great way to give ourselves permission to create what is true to us no matter our business, interest, career or life’s work.

We are each capable of creating what Seth calls art, or what others call a vision or a calling.  Each of us is the leader of our own life.  Once we determine our vision or art, we need to share it with others so that they can support us in achieving it.  I talk a lot about how to do this in my new book Link Out coming out in February (that’s next month!).  I find it interesting how timely ideas can be – even when disguised by different language – ideas which several authors or thought leaders bring to the forefront simultaneously.

Seth also talks about the “connection economy”, which I called out in my last blog as the “collaboration economy”.  I was delighted to hear him speak about it yesterday, and then to see it as Chapter 2 in his book. When I wrote about the collaboration economy in my blog, it was an idea based on my premise in Link Out that if we all help each other to achieve our visions and goals, that we will get out of this economic mess and be fulfilled.  So to hear Seth, great thought leader that he is, have his own version of this very same premise, gave me more confidence to share my ideas, which I sometimes second guess.  I know that one of my weaknesses is sometimes  being reticent about sharing my ideas.  One of my goals is to more fearless and more “artful”.  That’s why hearing Seth speak yesterday inspired me.

I think The Icarus Deception will inspire you, too.  And so will Link Out (that’s me being more fearless and confident)! Feel free to share this post with others!