Lean In and Link Out

Lean In and Link Out

April 10, 2013

Two weeks ago, my friend and entourage member Marnie Omanoff, marketing maven extraordinaire, and I dashed off to hear Sheryl Sandberg talk with Chelsea Clinton about her new book Lean In at an over-capacity crowd of 500+ mostly women at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC. We couldn’t get in but watched on video monitors, and then waited to meet Sheryl and get our books signed. She must have signed 600 books (or more). We waited patiently and linked out with women on the line with us. When we finally approached Sheryl, she was amazingly friendly and warm, even though she had been there for hours. I even gave her a copy of my book Link Out which she graciously accepted.

Since then I have read Lean In — and I strongly recommend it. Be sure to share it with young women, many of whom are remarkably in the dark about the current situation that exists for women in the corporate world and how to address it. In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg shares insights resulting from her own mistakes and challenges on her career path. Sheryl does not put herself on a pedestal. She openly shares her imperfections, vulnerabilities and stumbles and tumbles on her way to find fulfillment in work and in her personal life. I applaud her for sharing intimate details and taking a stand to make life and work better for women everywhere. While I’ve been speaking around the country and sharing the Link Out strategy, I’ve been hearing harsh criticism for Sheryl and Lean In, mostly from women who have not read the book.

Why do so many women have to make other women wrong? More than ever we need to agree to sometimes disagree without tearing apart those women who have achieved what many of us dream of doing. We need to celebrate each woman that succeeds no matter how small or how big! The success of one woman is the success of all women, and we need to applaud and support each other in achieving whatever our personal vision is of a successful life. And, by the way, let’s applaud the men, too. We need their applause and support as well.

That’s the Link Out way!

Link Out for Success,