Life is Better Shared with Others

Life is Better Shared with Others

June 6, 2012

My business life has taken a sharp turn in the last two months. I retired as co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange, and was busily working on my second book and speaking on the impact of connections and collaboration on leadership. Then Kevin Friedman, a trusted colleague from my WLE days, sent me an email. We scheduled a meeting. I learned that Kevin was now CEO and co-founder of Cojourneo. I liked the concept he shared. “Everyone’s on a journey,” he said. “Cojourneo offers online workshops from top coaches, speakers and experts that help you progress on your journey to achieve your goals.” Very interesting, I thought. “What’s more you collaborate and communicate with Cojourners online and via video sharing the experience together,” he added. Now, you’re talking. My heart was beating faster.

Kevin immediately shared Cojourneo’s values statement. When I read it, I thought, “Is this for real?” Read it. You will agree. All eight values resonate, but it was #2 that made my heart sing.

#2. Life is better shared with others.
We aspire to make it easier, more helpful, and more fun for people to share life.
We aspire to build awesome collaborative communities that change lives.

“Awesome collaborative communities that change lives,” I repeated to myself. I’m in! Collaboration, connections, communication, communities – the four ‘C’s – that make the world function and lives soar… in my opinion.

I had collaborated with Kevin for almost 10 years. It was flawless. But I really didn’t know this side of him – this values thing. I guess I was too busy running a business to notice. My bad. How lucky was I – that he noticed this side of me?

So in a sharp turn in my business life, I get to help a brilliant band of boys – KevinDan and Tim – bring Cojourneo to life. This is the most fun (another value) I have had in years. And we get to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them help each other with the wisdom of an experienced guide.

Join us on this exciting journey. The more the merrier.

–Leslie Grossman,,