Thriving with Baseball

Thriving with Baseball

April 1, 2014

It’s March 31, 2014. Everyone is happy. The sun is out and the temperature is around 48 degrees F, which makes it feel almost like a Caribbean vacation on the streets of Manhattan after one of the coldest winters on record. The lyrics and melody of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ is playing in my head, and I want to dance down the street with joy. It is one of the best days of the year.

I can’t imagine the day getting any better…as long as I don’t think about the state of the world, Crimea, the missing Malaysian jetliner and its passengers, the UN report on climate change, North and South Korea, the mudslide in Washington State, the earthquakes in LA and health care, and that’s just for starters. On the other hand, opening day for the Yankees is April 1 (today) and when baseball season starts hope springs eternal. I feel secure that with a reinvented Sabathia and all the new pitchers, especially Tanaka, this will be a good year for baseball for Yankee fans and me. I have a great respect for Japanese baseball players, and fortunately, the Yankees have three. They are so zen.

To add more hope to the storm of life, Arianna Huffington’s book “THRIVE” finally came out. I believe she has whipped up a magic potion for a happy life. If you are one of those who works harder than you should and leaves little room for the real joys of life – love, fun, sleep, sex, baseball and time with loved ones and friends – “THRIVE” is required reading. It’s not just a cliché to say stop and smell the roses, dance to the music, be mindful and feast on art, nature and beauty. Arianna’s drumbeat is one that we all need to consider or we might as well live a life of doom and gloom. Yes the world is beset with problems that need to be solved, and if we thrive like Arianna says, maybe we will have the energy and focus to solve the big problems one pebble at a time together. So breathe, meditate, walk, talk, listen and go to your baseball stadium of choice. I’ll be at Yankee Stadium Section 231, Row 19, Seat 18 – mindfully enjoying the game. Stop by and we can meditate together and just maybe we will begin to thrive. – Leslie Grossman,,