Why & Where Great Leaders Gather?

Why & Where Great Leaders Gather?

February 5, 2014

Many CEOs feel isolated. Some feel alone and disconnected from their executive team, their board, even from their families. At night they often stay awake wondering if they have made the best decisions to grow their companies. Some avoid making any important decisions at all for fear they may be wrong. Who do they confide in? Who will hold them accountable?

Our best leaders and CEOs know they can’t lead for growth alone. They need the support of other trusted CEOs who share their experience, expertise and connections. The world’s best business, nonprofit and government leaders go to Davos every year, attend the Forbes summits, gather at group retreats like Richard Branson’s Necker Island. Why? Not so much for the content. They go to talk. They go to listen. They go to build and refresh trusted relationships. They know that the conversations they have will lead to trust which leads to opportunities and solutions which lead to friendship which results in ongoing growth and success professionally and personally.

Here’s my question to you. Where are you gathering with your peers? Where do you go to build trusted relationships? Are you trying to succeed alone without the help of peers from non-competitive sectors – people who really understand what you are going through because they are going through it, too?

If you are going it alone, consider taking a giant step and sign on to a group where you can talk, listen, share, contribute and collaborate. If you are a man, don’t join an all-male group. If you are a woman, join a group with men. No matter what color your skin or your cultural background, make an effort to join a multicultural, gender-neutral group. The more diverse the group, the more value you will get in today’s multicultural marketplace. If you are a CEO, owner or founder, join a private group like Vistage International*, the world’s leading CEO organization. If you are not a CEO, then consider the many great organizations that will enable you to get consistent peer support, from chambers to masterminds.

Your world will change when you are not alone. Your business will grow. Your fulfillment will rise. Your family life will improve exponentially. Invest in yourself for a change. The ROI will be off the charts. –– Leslie Grossman, author “Link Out” (Wiley) and New York City Vistage Chair.

*For more information about membership in a Vistage CEO Group, email leslie.grossman@vistagechair.com